Green Building

Sustainable Design can be defined as "providing for the current generation without impeding future generations from having available resources."

In 2003, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors adopted the Green Building/Construction and Demolition Debris Ordinance which required Green Building practices to be applied to traditional public works projects. As a result, The Public Works Agency developed the Green Building Program with the following goals:

  • Minimize the use of energy, water and other natural resources,
  • Contribute towards sustainable design for infrastructure as well as waste management for construction and demolition

Based on this goals, for Capital Improvement Projects with a construction estimate of $100,000 or greater, Agency Project Engineers must incorporate sustainable design elements during the design phase. Sustainable design elements are broken down into 5 categories with specific goals and strategies:

  • SITE

Projects are then evaluated based on the percentage of goals and strategies implemented in the design and construction of the project.